Urbano Astuyauri

Recently I purchased a painting from a local gallery. This doesn't happen very often for a number of reasons - one being that the type of art found in our local galleries tends to be very average. We live in a beaches area (which is very nice thanks) but as you might imagine the artwork is....well, insular - quite often very stereotypical and definitely unimaginative (Frangipani flowers, row boats on the beach, stormy seas (oooh), sunsets (ahhh), little boys fishing, pelicans on the jetty - you know; chocolate box stuff.) All rather blah. The other reason I don't purchase paintings on a regular basis is because I am a struggling artist myself (a tear is coming) and I just can't afford it! Of course, I still can't help myself from checking them out anyway just to confirm my unshakable belief that I know best.

Recently though I discovered, very unexpectedly, some paintings in a local gallery by a Peruvian artist called Urbano Astuyauri. Never heard of him but apparently he has exhibited around the world. They were great, really different and very intriguing. He paints birds mostly. Odd birds, inspired by the wooden toys he owned and made as a child growing up in the Peruvian Andes. One in particular grabbed me. A disproportionate bird with long stripy legs. Well, I couldn't get the painting out of my head. I just had to have it. So in the end I bought it (with some help!) Very selfish of me I know but I knew that I would regret it if I didn't have it. Now I am very happy.

The photos don't really do his colours justice but will give you the general idea. As always, click on the pic for a bigger image. Gotta love his stripy legs!


Sneak Preview

Okay...I'm finally back. It's only been two years! Geez, where has that gone? Looking to get some stuff up here on a more regular basis now. I actually forgot that I had started a blog - that's kind of hard to believe I know, but somehow the whole idea of it sort of fell behind the couch. Anyway, I'll just pretend that I have been blogging all along and that people are flocking here to see what I'm up to.

Here's a little sneak preview of a book I have coming out in March next year with Penguin called 'A Day With Noodles'. It's my first book out that I have written as well as illustrated. I enjoy writing just as much as illustrating so hopefully this is not just a phase! (Click the image for a bigger pic.)

See you soon. Really!

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